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Welcome to the official website of the  International Webinar on Effect of Supply Chain Management to Profitability of Businesses (IWSMPB-2021). The conference/Webinar will be held online medium. The Webinar will be organized by Institute of Research and Journals-IRAJ on 05th Jan 2021.

This webinar will present the state-of-the-art developments in the area of incipient fault detection, primarily from the perspective of power quality (PQ) monitoring. PQ monitors are probably the most versatile waveform recording devices and PQ analysis is essentially waveform analysis. As such, PQ monitoring platforms may represent the easiest way to realize "incipient fault detection on a budget".

This webinar will also explain a recent technical report completed by the PES WG on Power Quality Data Analytics, PES-TR-73: "Electrical Signatures of Power Equipment Failures". The webinar will further discuss the limitations of existing techniques and the various paths to move forward in this important direction.

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Webinar at a glance

International Webinar on Effect of Supply Chain Management to Profitability of Businesses (IWSMPB-2021)  will be anengaging online event where World’s round and eminent industry and academic expert  speakers will deliver the presentation to a large audience who participate by submitting questions, responding to polls and using other available interactive tools. It is an event held on the internet which is attended exclusively by an online audience. Other terms used as alternatives for webinar are web event, online seminar, webcast, web lecture and virtual events.

The key feature of this webinar will be its interactive elements which are the ability to discuss information and the latest research and innovation in real-time.

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  • Instrumentation
  • Electric Power Generation
  • Electronic Materials
  • Electromagnetic Transients Programs
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Microprocessor based Technologies
  • Digital Communication
  • Digital Security
  • Magnetic Theory
  • Micro Machines
  • Harmonics
  • Energy efficiency in industry
  • Education and power quality
  • Electrical Materials and Process
  • Semiconductor Technology
  • Electronic Materials
  • Electrical Machines
  • Electric Drivers and Application
  • Electrical Traction Systems and Control
  • Inverter and Converter Technology

Our Expert Speaker

Professor Eric Santos Parilla

Dean, AT College of Business Education North-western University, Ilocos, Philippines

Ilocos, Philippines

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