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About the Webinar

Welcome to the official website of the  International Webinar on Use of Polymers to Control Extra Produced Water from an Oil Field (IWUPCPWO-2021). The conference/Webinar will be held online. The Webinar will be organized by ARSSS in Association with Institute of Research and Journals-IRAJ on 06th Oct 2021.

Features of the webinar

This webinar will uncover the Production Optimization refers to the various activities of measuring, analyzing, modeling, prioritizing and implementing actions to enhance productivity of a field: reservoir/well/surface . Production Optimization is a fundamental practice to ensure recovery of developed reserves while maximizing returns.

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Webinar at a glance

International Webinar on Use of Polymers to Control Extra Produced Water from an Oil Field (IWUPCPWO-2021) will be an engaging online event where World’s round and eminent industry and academic expert speakers will deliver the presentation to a large audience who participate by submitting questions, responding to polls, and using other available interactive tools. It is an event held on how Production Optimization, along with Reservoir Management, is a central part of a company’s field development and deliverability strategy. Key factor in production optimization is the capability to mitigate formation damage during well construction and production routine operations. Formation damage mitigation can be accomplished assuring that operational details are achieved before reaching the pay zone to the last production parameters recorded.

Features of the webinar

The objective features of webinars is how oil industry and hydrochloric acid (HCl) has been used as the main acid for limestone stimulation purposes There are several concerns with the use of HCl acids: health and safety of the field crew, corrosive nature of the acids for the flow lines and equipment, and environmental effects of the produced HCl. A new product called FF-01 is an environmentally-friendly and equipment-friendly product. It is a conversion to an organic base to maintain very low pH as a vehicle for aggressiveness, along with the creation of buffers and surface tension relievers. Low pH, slower reaction rates with limestone, small amount of residue after reaction, safety, minimum damage to equipment, and longevity are the properties of this product. Tests have been conducted to develop this new product and study possible improvements in this blend.

Our Associates

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  • Near-wellbore profile management
  • Design of well completion
  • Efficiency of oil and gas transport
  • Production system debottlenecking
  • Design of surface facilities and fluid handling capacity
  • Well Stimulation

Our Expert Speaker

Dr. Abdollah Esmaeili

Professor at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University,

Almaty, Kazakhstan

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